Infiniti Solar Roof Top Systems

The system consists of 1KW PV Panels mounted on an aluminium structure. This panel assembly is connected by electric cables to a Hybrid solar inverter of 2KW capacity. The Inverter is also connected to a Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery of 3KWh capacity. The electrical output from the inverter is connected to the distribution box and then to the electric load.

Description Technical specifications
1 PV Panels International quality, MNRE Approved Poly Crystalline PV panels of 1KW capacity (250Wp each x 4 Nos). Warranty of 25 years from the manufacturer.
2 Structure PV panels are mounted on a sturdy aluminium structure which is capable of withstanding corrosion, high winds and storms and has a long life of more than 25 years.
3 Inverter Hybrid Solar Inverter is of 2 KW capacity and is a high quality, state of the art, 97% efficient, pure sinewave, transformer less, MPPT Charge Controller and real time online monitoring on mobile app.
4 Li-ion Battery It has Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePo4) chemistry. The Battery capacity is 3KWh with Battery Management System (BMS) circuit. The Battery parameters have been programmed so that the battery performs flawlessly and delivers 4000 plus charging- discharging cycles and has a life of more than 10 years.
5 Electric Load: The above system comes with- • Lights- Six 2ft LED Tube lights of 9W each plus four 7W LED bulbs

• Ceiling fan of 4ft diameter with low power consumption with remote control

• Induction cooker of 1000W with induction base pressure cooker and utensils.
• The system can run other gadgets like water purifier, small fridge, LED TV, computers & printers, Small DC Submersible pump etc. which can be supplied at an additional cost.
6 AMC 5 years free AMC with quarterly Inspection and free replacement of parts by our authorized dealers.
7 Warranty The system has a 5-year on-site warranty


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