About Us

Solar EnergieTechnik Ltd has a state-of-the-art factory equipped to manufacture high quality and competitively priced Solar Lighting Products. Our solar products are equipped with unique features, not available with our competitors

Our wide range of revolutionary solar products includes SaiJyoti-Solar Home Lighting System, Solar Integrated Street Lights and Solar Roof Top Systems. The LED products are as follows: EcoLED Bulbs & Tubes, LED Candle Bulbs, LED Panel Lights, LED COB Down Lights, LED COB Spotlights and LED AC Street Lights.

Our customer is our most valuable asset and our motto showcases our dedication to them:

‘ Quality you can trust ’

What We Do

We are Solar EnergieTechnik Ltd., the Pune based manufacturer of high quality, acutely engineered Solar and EcoLED Products. Our popular brand, “Infiniti Solar” offers products that are reliable, long-lasting, high-performing, easy to install, incurs minimal maintenance cost and has a superior flawless quality. Got a query? Contact us and we shall revert as fast as possible.


We see a future where the world will take to renewable energy sources. We would like to play a key part in this energy revolution. It is our initiative to harness and make SOLAR ENERGY available to billions of people at affordable prices. We want to be recognized as the best solar product companies in the world. “Infiniti Solar” stands for innovation, technology, unmatchable quality and service, excellence and customer satisfaction.


The Solar Energie Technik Ltd. mission is to promote the boundless use of solar energy. We want to allow every Indian initially, and the rest of the world, access to high-quality yet affordable Infiniti Solar products.

Infiniti Solar Management Team

Save power, prosper and live a complete life with Infiniti Solar!